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2019 League Format

TBVVL is structured into two divisions: the Championship Division and Open Division.
Championship Division
  • Teams compete for the TBVVL Texas State Championship.

  • Maintains a strict roster requirement that all players be enrolled in the same school.  In the case of middle school participants (8th and 9th graders), the player must be enrolled in a middle school that feeds into the team's high school.

  • To qualify for the State Tournament, teams must play in at least 8 matches. These matches can be played during TBVVL "Match Play Events" (described below), or may be matches hosted at a team's own gym during the week.

  • Teams register for and pay a team entry fee ($600/team) covering the entire season.  The entry fee does not cover the cost of jerseys for the team.

Open Division

  • No roster requirement.  Players may come from a mix of schools and even out-of-state. In the past, pre-formed SPC, USAV, AAU club teams have participated in TBVVL events.

  • Teams are invited to participate in any one of TBVVL's Match Play Events.  Registration is on an "al a carte" basis--teams register and pay for participation in each individual Match Play Event in which they wish to participate.

  • Teams provide their own jerseys, however, Open Division teams are also included under TBVVL's insurance policy during participation in TBVVL events.



TBVVL is hosting four Saturday Match Play Events this season on Mar 9th (Preseason), Mar 30, April 13, and April 27. Each Saturday will have two waves (830AM start & noon start)  Each team will play 2 matches per wave and yes you can play in both waves on any given Saturday.

Match Play Events are formatted to provide an opportunity for all TBVVL teams to assemble at a central location and play multiple matches over a morning and afternoon.

Championship Division teams that participate in at least two of these full wave events will be guaranteed to play at least the 8 matches required for them to qualify for the State Tournament.  This provides flexibility allowing teams to potentially skip one of these Saturdays to accommodate scheduling conflicts (e.g., prom, track meet, etc.).  

Open Division teams may also register to play in match play events.  While it is expected that Open Division teams' matches will largely consist of matches against other Open Division teams, it is also possible that exhibition matches will be scheduled against Championship Division teams (which do not count toward the Championship Division standings).  



In 2019, the teams qualifying in the Championship Division standings will be invited to play in a state championship tournament on May 10th.  It is expected that the championship match will be hosted at the gym of one of the participating teams.  Should a school gym not be available, TBVVL will arrange to provide a substitute gym for the matches. 



Each season, TBVVL recognizes its top players with the designation of TBVVL All-State. In 2016, the US Volleyball Junior National Championships will be hosted in Dallas, TX. TBVVL entered a TBVVL All-Star team made up of All-State players into the Jr. National Tournament and completed against the best teams in the country. It was a unique opportunity to be exposed to the highest levels of volleyball in the United States and provide a vision of the future for boys' volleyball in Texas!



Preliminary registration for the 2019 season has already begun.  If you have (1) a coach, (2) a place to practice, and (3) reasonable certainty of having enough players to field a team, we encourage you to complete the preliminary registration now!

If you need help putting together a team or have an Open Division team, please contact us at