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Build a Team

So you want boys' volleyball at your high school...?

If you're a student, parent, school coach or administrator and want to make this happen, it WILL happen. The earlier you start working to get the team organized (and playing together), the better off you will be.  We recommend starting efforts the first weeks of the Fall semester. 

Boys' high school volleyball is a new endeavor, and we're learning as we go.  But here are some of key things you can do to get the ball moving at your school: 

Form a school club

The ultimate goal is for each of our boys' volleyball teams to be fully integrated within the school.  This opens doors to use of the school's facilities, getting publicity in school news and yearbooks, and winning the support of the student body.  

Most schools allow students to form and register their own student clubs with the school.  The process is almost always a simple one. We encourage all of our schools to form a "Boys Volleyball Club" as a student club at their school.  You can use the club to host fundraisers, organize sand volleyball tournaments, and support the girls' varsity team (during our off-season), all while building support within the student body and administration.  

Host open gyms

The most important part of a volleyball team are its players. And there's no better way to get players than offering free or inexpensive opportunities to try the game and decide they want to be a part.

Approach your school's girls' volleyball coach or a local gym to see if you can set up a time. Get the word out at your school, through flyers, announcements, and social media. Invite members of the girls' teams to come along (on the condition they bring a boy). Your first open gym may be small, but keep at it and you'll soon have a core group of guys who love the sport and are willing to do what it takes to have a team to call their own.

If you can't get the school to sponsor an open gym, contact us and we'll help you get one organized at a local private gym. Or come out to one of our open gyms! 

Meet the girls' coach 

The girls' volleyball coaches will almost always be too busy to carry the load of organizing a boys' team at your school. But one thing's for certain--they love the sport and know the in's- and out's of the athletic department and the volleyball landscape within your community. They can help you identify other players that may have approached them, potential coaches for your team, and the right contacts within the school administration.

Do what you can to thank them for their support. Use your boys' volleyball club to support the varsity girls' team.  Offer to be a team manager, booster, or volunteer. Help at girls' volleyball fundraisers. Ultimately, you'll need the girls' coach (and the athletic department) in your corner!